LCARS 24 (for DOS, free download) 
LCARS 24 serves as a musical/talking alarm clock 
in Standby mode but contains various general-purpose 
programs, file manager, utilities, and graphical 
library. It requires its own computer, normally a 
late-1990s HiColor/TrueColor laptop with standard 
graphics card and Sound Blaster or equivalent.

LCARS 24W (for Windows, $10 shareware)
This Windows package implements the LCARS 24 
graphical library and 16 LCARS programs, is 
not a complete system shell like the original, 
but is easy to install and generates funding for LCARS 
development. Both render interactive LCARS displays 
from SMFL (Starfleet Markup Language script.
LCARS 24, a 32-bit Starfleet GUI, turns an old laptop into a working LCARS computer, with various LCARS programs, including games, utilities, simulations, players, browsers, a file manager, settings, and options, plus a graphical LCARS library. In Standby mode, it serves as a talking/musical alarm clock.

The LCARS Library includes servers for html, text, images, and SFML (Starfleet Markup Language), which renders interactive and user-editable LCARS pages with special capababilities unique to the LCARS paradigm. A file with the filename extension .sfm or .msd contains instructions in plain text for things like schematics rendered as seen on Star Trek, scrolling text next to a static image, and even enhanced zooming in the case of schematic images.